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Everdure 4K Electric Ignition Charcoal Outdoor Grill

Everdure 4K Electric Ignition Charcoal Outdoor Grill

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Combining a timeless charcoal grilling tradition with innovative technology and a contemporary design, the 4K Electric Ignition Charcoal Outdoor Grill allows you to experience the delicious flavor of charcoal grilling, which has captivated humanity for centuries, with greater efficiency than ever.


  • Completely cool-to-touch exterior thanks to a double-walled insulated construction
  • Cooking ranges from low and slow (230°F) to intense (+752°F)
  • Can cook everything from brisket to NY steak house and pizza
  • Bluetooth-connected IOS and Android app. In development
  • Patent pending “Fast Flame Ignition” world’s first charcoal: Touch glass. Get fire.
  • Fully integrated meat and ambient probe system (4 meat probes and 2 oven temp probes)
  • Unique “auto-locking” hood for extra safety
  • Internal lighting
  • Unique airflow design for ultimate control
  • Super-efficient charcoal use (2.2 lbs coal = 9 hours cooking)
  • Robust yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • 18.11 inches cooking area
  • Stainless steel cooking grid, cast iron cooking grid, high temp pizza stone
  • The oven can be used on or off the stand
  • IPx4 rated 1400W element 240 V 10amp retractable plug cord.
  • 10-year conditional warranty

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