Are you looking to buy a new grill? Perhaps you need an upgrade for yourself, or perhaps a gift to your favorite neighbor and are unsure which type of grill is suited for you. Before you go to the store or do any online shopping, consider what grills are available and which type of grill is best for your cooking style. 

There is a vast market for grills, smokers, and other outdoor devices used for grilling. Although most grills comes with accessories such as smokers or side burners, the main point is the grill itself. There are four main types of grills, choose any that piques your interest but always take note of their function.

Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

A gas or propane-fueled barbecue will be the best option for you if you want to grill but do want the tedious process for preparing charcoals. These grills are typically as easy to use as turning on your stove because they either connect to a gas line from your home or a propane tank.

Fast fire is a feature that makes them perfect for last-minute cooking. Additionally, you'll have hands-free, safe, constant heat, which is great for more low-and-slow recipes.

Our recommendation: The Fire MAgic Aurora A660s Portable Grill

Charcoal Grill

If you're craving for a real smoke action and flavor, you can't go wrong with the charcoal grill. We all know that this type of grill it requires a little more advanced prep to get it going. However, once you've had a taste of what this bad boy can do for your food, that extra 20 to 30 minutes is well worth the hard-work.The best charcoal grills are super affordable, a purchase that is well worth for the function and the years of service it can give you.

Our recommendation: The TAGWOOD BBQ Argentine Santa Maria Wood Fire & Charcoal Grill

Kamado Grill

You should consider a Kamado style grill, also referred to as a egg grill or smoker, If you intend to dive into smoking or if you'd like to try high-heat cooking style like a homemade wood-fired pizza oven and don't want to have to buy separate equipment for either.

These type of grill can reach extremely high temperatures and have excellent sustained heat because of its design that resembles and egg. Although most models are more reasonably priced, they can be very pricey. Before you spend money on a bigger, more expensive grill, it is advised to start with one of those to check if this type of grill would suit you.

Our recommendation: The Blaze 20" Cast Aluminum Kamado

Electric Grill

Giving you all that grilled flavor and diamond sear marks, without the mercy of the outdoor environment, then you should definitely consider the electric type grill. These type of grill gives you an all-around experience, plug-and-play type of grill.

Which makes this type of grill ideal for environments that has a harsh outdoor weather, since you can use them safely in outdoor spaces without the danger of gas and charcoal. Their small and compact size makes it perfect to be brought anywhere that has a plug.

Our recommendation: The American Outdoor Grill Built-In 36NBT


Ultimately, the decision is still yours! Don't listen to the naysayers and the occasional know-it-all person. Believe in what you can do and trust in your grilling skills. Practice makes perfect for every type of grill! Be the cookout hero that you are aiming for!

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